Jeep CJ Dana Model 300 Transfer Case

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The Jeep CJ series, which was produced from the 1940s through the 1980s, included a variety of transfer cases, depending on the model and year. One common transfer case used in Jeep CJ models is the Dana Model 300. Here are some key features and information about the Dana 300 transfer case:

Jeep CJ Dana Model 300 Transfer Case

Manufacturer: The Dana 300 transfer case was manufactured by the Spicer division of Dana Holding Corporation.

Years of Production: The Dana 300 transfer case was used in Jeep CJ models from the early 1980s until the end of the CJ series production in 1986.

Type: The Dana 300 is a gear-driven, cast-iron transfer case with a twin-stick shifter. This means it has separate shift levers for controlling the front and rear outputs independently.

Shift Configuration: The twin-stick configuration allows the driver to select between high and low range for both front and rear axles independently. This feature provides additional control in off-road situations.

Gearing: The Dana 300 transfer case has a 2.62:1 low-range ratio, providing increased torque for off-road crawling.

Compatibility: The Dana 300 transfer case was commonly paired with various transmissions, including the T-4, T-5, T-176, and T-18.

Upgrades: Due to its popularity and reputation for durability, the Dana 300 transfer case has been a favorite among Jeep enthusiasts. Some owners choose to upgrade their transfer cases with aftermarket components for enhanced strength and performance.

Shop Jeep CJ Dana 300 Transfer Case Parts

Jeep CJ Dana 300 Transfer Case Parts Diagram
#DescriptionPart #
1Insert, Shift KnobJ3241430
2Shift KnobJ3241062
3Nut, Shift ControlJ4006495
4Shift Knob Kit – Includes #1,2,33241430K
5Shifter Boot SR4 T4 T5J5752009
5Shifter Boot T176 T177 (Double Boot)5752141
6Switch, 4WD IndicatorJ3211322
7Shift Rod – Front J8131673 *
8Shift Rod – RearJ8131672 *
9Pad, Shift Fork – 4 RequiredJ8131670
10Output Nut – Front or RearJ0801367
11Yoke Washer – Front or RearJ4004913
12Yoke, Output – Bolt and Strap Type; Front or RearJ8131656
12 Yoke, Output – U-Bolt Yoke Type; Front or RearJ0935685
13Yoke Kit –
Front or Rear; Includes 10, 11, 12, 36, 37
14Shift Rod Seal – 2 RequiredJA000974
15Bushing, Shifter Shaft
16Chrome Ball453593
17Poppet Spring, Shift Rod
18Bearing Cup, Output – Front or Rear BearingJ3156062
19Bearing, Output – Front or Rear BearingJ3156063
20Gear, Front Output J8131680
21Shaft, Front OutputJ8131660
22Cap, Shift Rod – 2 RequiredJ0934281
23Shim Set, Front Output Access CoverJ8131668
24Gear, Sliding Drive – 2 RequiredJ8131679 *
25Seal, InputJ8131684
26Shaft, Input J8131687 *
27Bearing, Input J8131682
28Gear, InputJ8131685
29Bearing, Output Shaft – Rear; InnerJ8134553
30Shaft, Rear OutputJ8133793 *
31Bearing, Rear Output – Front BearingJ8134239
32Bearing Cup, Rear Output  – Front BearingJ0052800
33Shim Kit, Rear OutputJ0933743
34Bearing Cup, Rear Output – Rear BearingJ3124570
35Bearing, Rear Output  – Rear BearingJ0933737
36Seal, Output – Front or RearJ8131669
37U-Bolt Kit, Drive Shaft
Includes: 2 U-Bolts, 4 Washers 4 Nuts
38Plate, Intermediate Shaft LockJA001001
39Seal, Intermediate Shaft J0942114
40Shaft, IntermediateJ0942115
41Thrust Washer, Intermediate Shaft – 2 RequiredJ8121813
42Spacer, Intermediate Shaft – 2 RequiredJ0809295
43Needle Bearing, Intermediate Gear – 48 RequiredJ0809294
44Gear, Intermediate J8131678 *
45Gasket, Transfer Case Trans to Transfer Case J5358840
46Gasket, Access CoverJA000954
47Master Overhaul Kit
Includes #s 14, 16, 25, 33, 36, 39, 42, 45, 46, 49
48Gasket and Seal Kit
Includes #s 14, 25, 36, and all Gaskets
49Bearing Kit
Includes #s 9, 18, 19, 23, 27, 29, 31, 32, 33,
34, 35, 41, 43
50Small Parts KitJ0935758
51Gasket and Seal Kit
Includes #s 14, 25, 36, 39, and all Gaskets
* Not Currently Available

It’s important to note that the specific transfer case used in a Jeep CJ model may vary based on the year and edition. The Dana 300 is just one example, and earlier CJ models might have different transfer cases. Additionally, some Jeep CJ owners may choose to modify or replace their original transfer cases for improved off-road performance.

If you have a specific model year or edition of the Jeep CJ in mind, you may want to consult the vehicle’s service manual or contact Jeep enthusiasts and forums for more precise information about the transfer case used in that particular model.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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