2021 Jeep Gladiator Touch Up Paint Guide

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The Jeep Gladiator has a storied history, deeply rooted in the iconic Jeep brand known for its legendary off-road capabilities. The Gladiator’s lineage can be traced back to the revered Jeep Wrangler, a vehicle that has consistently set the standard for off-road excellence. The 2021 Jeep Gladiator, born from this heritage, seamlessly blends the robust nature of a Jeep with the practicality of a pickup truck, creating a unique vehicle that captures the hearts of adventurers and off-road enthusiasts.

Crafted with precision and passion, the 2021 Jeep Gladiator comes to life at the Toledo Assembly Complex in Toledo, Ohio. This facility, with a history spanning over eight decades, is the birthplace of Jeep vehicles. The Gladiator, like its predecessors, bears the mark of American craftsmanship and a commitment to quality that defines the Jeep manufacturing process. Toledo is not just a location; it’s a symbol of the Jeep brand’s enduring legacy.

2021 Jeep Gladiator Touch-Up Paint Codes:

Firecracker Red (Paint Code: PRC): A touch of Firecracker Red can rejuvenate your Gladiator, restoring its vibrant and attention-grabbing allure. Perfect for those who want to keep their vehicle looking bold and ready for any adventure.

Billet Silver Metallic (Paint Code: PSC): When minor scratches threaten the sleekness of your Gladiator, Billet Silver Metallic touch-up paint ensures a seamless repair. This sophisticated color maintains the vehicle’s elegance and understated charm. Reference Codes: AY111JSC, JSC

Hydro Blue Metallic (Paint Code: PBJ) is a captivating and refreshing color that adds a unique touch to the exterior of your vehicle. This shade of blue is reminiscent of clear skies and pristine waters, making it an ideal choice for those who appreciate a connection with nature and a sense of adventure.

Granite Crystal Metallic (Paint Code: PAU): If your Gladiator bears the battle scars of off-road escapades, a touch-up with Granite Crystal Metallic paint restores its strength and resilience. This dark and powerful color option is ideal for maintaining the Gladiator’s rugged aesthetic. Reference Codes: 095, 095A, 099, 5CC, 95, 99, LAU

Snazzberry Pearl Coat (Paint Code: PRV): Give your Gladiator a touch of individuality with the Snazzberry Pearl Coat touch-up paint. Perfect for addressing minor imperfections while keeping the vehicle’s distinctive and playful appearance intact. Also Referred to as : Velvet Red Pearl.

Punk’n Metallic (Paint Code: PE4): Preserving the warmth of Punk’n Metallic is made easy with the corresponding touch-up paint. This option ensures that your Gladiator continues to radiate vintage charm and modern performance, even after facing the elements.

Bright White (Paint Code: PW7): The pristine and classic look of Bright White can be easily preserved with the corresponding touch-up paint (PW7). This option ensures that minor imperfections are seamlessly corrected, allowing your Gladiator to shine in its purest form.

Black /Black Crystal(Paint Code: PX8): Black is timeless and elegant, but it’s also prone to showing scratches. The touch-up paint in Black (PX8) ensures that your Gladiator maintains its sleek and sophisticated appearance, ready to take on both city streets and off-road trails.

Nacho (Paint Code: PY5): For those who adore the vibrant Nacho color, the touch-up paint in Nacho (PYJ) is the key to keeping your Gladiator’s exterior looking fresh and full of personality. Address any blemishes while maintaining the distinctive Nacho charm.

Sarge Green (Paint Code: PGG): Sarge Green embodies the spirit of the outdoors, and the touch-up paint in Sarge Green (PGE) allows you to maintain that connection with nature. Keep your Gladiator looking adventurous and ready for the next expedition. Reference Codes: AY110PGG

Sting-Gray (Paint Code: PDN): Sting-Gray is a modern and versatile color, and its touch-up paint (PDN) ensures that your Gladiator retains its contemporary aesthetic. Correct minor scratches and chips, so your Sting-Gray Gladiator remains stylish wherever it goes. Reference Codes: 264, 503, 503B, 8CZ, AY110PDN

Gecko (Paint Code: PFM) is a vibrant and lively color that electrifies your vehicle with a burst of personality. This shade of green captures the essence of the outdoors, exuding a sense of energy and adventure. The Gecko finish is bold and eye-catching, making a statement wherever you go. With its lively hue, Gecko adds a playful touch to your vehicle, reflecting a spirit of spontaneity and individuality. Whether cruising through the city or navigating off-road trails, Gecko (PFM) ensures your vehicle stands out with a fresh and dynamic appeal, embodying a zest for life and a love for the road.

The 2021 Jeep Gladiator, with its captivating history and manufacturing roots in Toledo, Ohio, is not just a vehicle; it’s a symbol of adventure and durability. The touch-up paint codes offered by Jeep empower owners to maintain the flawless exterior of their Gladiator, ensuring that every scratch tells a story of exploration and resilience. As you navigate the trails and conquer new horizons, let your Gladiator wear its scars proudly, knowing that the touch-up paint codes are there to preserve its beauty for years to come.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click on a link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no additional cost to you.

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