We take online Credit Card transaction security very seriously. Every effort is made on our part to assure our customers that they are secure when doing online transactions with us.

We want you to feel completely secure when ordering from ShopJeepParts.com. We use a technology called Secure Sockets Layer (High Grade 128 Bit SSL) , which encrypts (or encodes) sensitive information before it is sent over the Internet. Some areas of this site contain mixed secure and non-secure data and your browser may give a warning when entering or leaving these pages, which is normal behavior. When our customers are ready to checkout or login into their accounts they should see the Lock Icon in the lower right corner of your browser. This indicates that any information entered on this page is secure. You can also look at your URL which will change from normal http:// to secure https://

Note: We do not store customers credit card information in our database. We record IP address before Credit Card transaction information is submitted. We investigate and prosecute credit card fraud to the fullest extent of United States and International Law.  

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