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Prothane Front Spring & Shackle Bushing for Jeep CJ5 1976-83 or CJ7 1976-86 or CJ8 SCRAMBLER 1981-86.

Includes the necessary bushings, metal sleeves and a tube of synthetic grease to insure proper lubrication. These components make a drastic improvement in the way your Jeep handles.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is Polyurethane?
Polyurethane is a term used to describe a wide ranging family of elastomers (any compound exhibiting the characteristics of natural rubber; stretchy and elastic.). Poly meaning "many" and "urethane" the classification of the chemical structure. Polyurethane or urethane for short, is used as a solid cast material (bushings). Polyurethane can be as soft as a rubber band or as hard as plastic.

2. Is there a benefit over rubber?
Many advantages can be found over rubber. Depending on the formulation, urethane has a higher load-bearing capacity, greater tear strength, better compression set, greater abrasion resistance, tolerant to greases, oils and ozone and allows for more unique designs.

3. What's the difference between rubber and urethane?
Rubber is the sap of trees found mostly in tropical climates. The sap is altered by mixtures of carbon (why it's black) and mineral oils and various fillers. Polyurethane is completely chemical or man-made. Because rubber is a biodegradable product it is affected by ozone and will over time dry rot and degrade, while urethane will keep going and going.

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