Rugged Ridge All Terrain Recovery Tool Kit

Rugged Ridge All Terrain Recovery Tool Kit is ideal for situations where using a winch is either overkill or won’t help. This high quality kit includes single steel handle with four interchangeable heads – shovel, pick, ax, and 5-lb sledgehammer.

Simple tool like a shovel can provide the most benefit  allowing trail rider to dig, lift and move bulk material like mud, gravel, sand or snow. When your Jeep get stuck and wheels are spinning you will need a shovel to clear out the soft dirt and insert rocks, sticks, or traction device. The pick will come in handy for loosing hard surface, frozen dirt or rocky soil before shoveling. Heavy duty 5 pounds sledgehammer can be used to hammer in a recovery anchor if other recovery points are unavailable.

Having an Axe has several benefits; most common use is to cut poles to serve as traction under the tires, breaking up stumps or logs which may get stuck under your vehicle.

Rugged Ridge All Terrain Recovery Tool Kit

If you are a hardcore off roader you already have a Winch and the necessary gears like snatch block and straps. Now grab one of these kits before you head out for your next adventure. We hope your Jeep never get trapped, however if it does you will have the necessary tool to free your vehicle. This kit is lite weight and doesn’t consume much space.

Product Details:

Manufacturer: Rugged Ridge

Part Number: 15105.01

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